Persone che praticano sci di fondo sulla pista Ciancoal a Pozza di Fassa | ©  Gaia Panozzo - Archivio Marcialonga

The harmony of cross-country skiing

Over 50 kilometres of slopes, breathing in fresh air and panoramas

Cross-country skiing in Val di Fassa: a whole new story

Immerse yourself in nature on over 50 km of tracks that welcome thousands of enthusiasts every year. There's no better way to start the day. 

There are four cross-country areas that our territory offers you: Passo San Pellegrino-Alochet, Pozza di Fassa, Mazzin-Campitello di Fassa and Canazei.
While your technique – classic or free – or your level of preparation may vary, in each of these routes, there is something that remains unchanged: the breathtaking panorama of the Dolomites and its surprising scenery.

Long expanses of snow, crisp air and a sport imbued with extraordinary and all-encompassing beauty.
While you put on your boots, all we can do is wish you "Bondì" (good morning in ladin).


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