Passeggiata lungo il fiume Avisio ad Alba di Canazei in Val di Fassa | © Federico Modica - Archivio Immagini ApT Val di Fassa

Spring slow walks

Yor natural recharge

Fassa Dolomites, the paths that lead you home

When your feet decide to go, there's no excuse. The movement of thought, of the energy that puts desires back into circulation, moves the body, the legs, restores their vigour and seeks trajectories. The relief of reconnecting to the air, tapping in to the steps and sharing the wonder of a sudden revelation. To enter a new territory and let go of judgment and fatigue there. A fulfilling experience of harmony and well-being is underway.

The Val di Fassa, protected and surrounded by legendary, centuries-old mountains, is a cradle of countless marked and signposted trails. For experiences of great beauty at altitude and in the valley, through pastures, woods or enchanted villages. To reach mountain pastures, agritourism farms and step into the authentic heart of Ladin hospitality, to hear the trees and find your voice or to conquer a goal and admire the freedom of space.

Take the path you need today or meet it along the way. Everyone will be able to tell you something about yourself and bring you home.

5 suggestons for spring walks in Val di Fassa

Moena - Palua - Soraga - Someda - Moena

Duration: 2:10 h
Distance: 5.7 km
Salita: 157 m
Difficulty: Easy

A well sunlit circular walk linking the villages of Moena and Soraga. The route is very panoramic, surrounded by Rosengarten, Sassolungo and, on the right, the long ridge of "Cima Dodici".

Vigo - Santa Giuliana's Church - Vigo

Vigo di Fassa
Duration: 1:20 h
Distance: 2.7 km
Salita: 132 m
Difficulty: Easy

A visit to the medieval church of Santa Giuliana, the valley's patron saint celebrated on both June 3rd and February 6th, is a must. The building dates back to 1237, but the origins of the settlement, a prehistoric hillfort, date back to the time of the Raeti, the people who inhabited these areas in the Iron Age.

Campitello - Pian - Canazei - Campitello

Duration: 2:00 h
Distance: 5.7 km
Salita: 153 m
Difficulty: Easy

This walk connects Campitello to Canazei, passing through "Pian". It is a charming little settlement, testimony of the first people that inhabited Val di Fassa, who chose the sunniest places. The hamlet is reachable following the Via Crucis, which features some peculiar Ladin mottos.

Penìa - Lorenz - Vera - Penìa

Penìa di Canazei
Duration: 2:20 h
Distance: 6.7 km
Salita: 211 m
Difficulty: Difficult

At the foot of "Dolèda" hill, where witches are said to have gathered, lies Penìa. The last village of Val di Fassa, almost perched on the slopes of Marmolada, is rich in history and ancient traditions that are worth discovering. On the way back, follow the educational trail called "L'ega te cuna - l’acqua bambina", about the origins of water.

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